How to Pack Heavy Items

In this video, Ron shows us step by step how to pack heavy items and best utilize a 1.5 cu. ft. moving box. Small boxes are great for easily packing up heavy kitchen items, like canned goods. The most important thing to keep in mind to pack your heavy items on the bottom and then […]

How to Pack a Kitchen for a Move

In this video Ron shows us step by step how to pack larger kitchen items such as frying pans, a food processor, and other bulky items. This video helps take the guesswork out of how to properly pack your most challenging kitchen items, all while maximizing as much space as possible.  

How to Pack China in a Dish Barrel

As part of our series of videos on ‘Packing Your Kitchen for a Move’, Ron teaches us how to properly pack your valuable china using a dish barrel moving box. Dish barrels are ideal for fine china and crystal.