A-One Moving Checklist

Moving day can be a busy, stressful experience. The more prepared you are, the less stressful your move. We’ve developed the A-One Moving Checklist to help you get organized and to make the most efficient use of the moving crew’s time and your budget.
This list will help you complete all pertinent tasks prior to the truck and driver arriving at your home. This will allow you (or your designee) to answer important questions our staff may have about where things go when we arrive at your new home.

Our clients tell us that being able to direct the placement of boxes and furniture saves them from having to move it later and makes settling in that much easier.

 Self-Move Items

There are always some items you will take with you personally – make sure they are clearly marked and set aside so they don’t get packed.

Self Packing

If you are packing your belongings, please be completely packed before we arrive. Of course you’ll have last minute kitchen items and bathroom items, but having only that day’s necessities out will make moving day a breeze as you’ll just have a few items to box.

Important Documents

Your move and relocation will require you have access to many documents to set up new services, change services, coordinate contractors or other vendors, etc. You’ll want to make sure these are accessible and NOT packed on the truck so that you can easily access them when you need them during the moving process.

Children, Pets and Moving Day

We recommend having a caregiver take care of children and pets while your home is being packed and/or loaded. Bringing them back to the house near the end of the process helps them to know their belongings are safe and will be waiting for them at the new house.

Kid’s Box – all kids have their special toys, items, books, stuffed animals, games, etc. that are like home to them. If you’d like to pack a Kid’s Box and point it out during your pre-load walk-through, we’ll make sure it’s one of the first boxes unloaded at your new home to help them settle in quickly.

Clear a Path, Please

  • Move potted plants and planters from front porch, walkways and driveways
  • Remove all door and floor mats
  • Remove all area rugs and doormats
  • Remove low hanging items such as wind chimes or hanging plants and tie up hanging light fixtures if possible

Details and Contact Info

  • Provide the driver with your destination contact information and your cell phone number(s).
  • Get the driver’s cell phone number.
  • Ask the driver for an estimate of arrival time at your new home. Often yours is the only move on the truck, but it’s good to verify the delivery time.
  • We do everything we can to exceed our client’s expectations but many factors can impact the schedule and we appreciate your understanding.

Before The Truck Leaves
A quick walk-through will ensure all items are transported on the truck. We recommend you take one last look through these places:

  • all closets
  • all cabinets
  • shelves
  • garage
  • attic
  • crawl space
  • storage unit
  • under the stairs
  • on the walls
  • behind doors
  • any place else things may be hiding

When preparing to move, we suggest you print out this Moving Checklist to help you get ready to move your home.