Unconventional At-Home Summer Celebrations

Summer is here! We’ve gathered some unconventional ideas for your next family celebration. Backyard Camping:  Build memories in your backyard by sleeping under the stars. Here, you can enjoy the fresh air, unwind, and unplug. Set up a campfire and try swapping out typical chocolate in your s’mores for Nutella, peanut butter, or a peppermint […]

Moving In or Out – Your 4 Step Cleaning Checklist

Here is a great checklist of areas to clean in your home whether you’re getting your house ready to go on the market, moving in, moving out, or just keeping up with your seasonal routine. These tips and tricks could save you a lot of stress (and sometimes money!) in the future. 4 Step Cleaning […]

4 Steps for Garage Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a great excuse to pay special attention to those easily neglected spaces, like your garage. Take this spring to give your garage space a good deep cleaning so you can spend more time enjoying your favorite spring and summer activities. Get Your Garage Ready for Spring and Summer in Four Simple Steps. […]