What To Do With Food When You Move

Food items are one of the few things you shouldn’t put on the moving truck. They can spill, spoil, melt and damage other items. So what do you do with food when you move? We have a few ideas to put that good food to good use.

food pantry

Take inventory of what food you have and separate into 5 categories:

Expired Food. Throw away and/or recycle expired food first.

Food you can eat before the move. Use up what you can before the move. Focus on eating your perishables like fresh meat and produce, as these can not be donated to food banks.

Food you’re bringing with you. Pack up what you’re bringing with you. Set aside snacks, water bottles, and easy food items you’ll need during the moving process and road trip.

Move For Hunger

Food you can donate to friends. Ask your friends and family if they are in need of any of your remaining food items.

Food you can donate to charity. A-One Moving & Storage partners with Move for Hunger, a nonprofit organization that brings food items to those in need. We’ll take your unexpired, nonperishable food quickly and easily during the packing process and donate it to local food banks. Learn more about the process here.

You can make a difference in your local community by donating to local food pantries. And the best part – it’s as easy as packing a box! If you’re considering making the move with A-One Moving & Storage, contact us today or get a free quote and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.