Items NOT to Pack on a Moving Truck

Whether you are planning on hiring a moving company or DIY-ing the move yourself, some items need to be transported by you in your own vehicle instead of a moving truck. Items placed on a moving truck have a higher chance of being damaged or lost due to a variety of factors outside of your control, so keeping a close eye on these items will ensure greater safety and protection for everyone involved.

Avoid Placing These Items on a Moving Truck When Packing for Your Next Move.

items not for moving truck
  • Important Documents – Any document with sensitive and important information, such as social security numbers, birth certificates, living wills, financial information, etc., should travel with you at all times. Knowing exactly where all of your important documents are throughout the moving process eliminates stress and protects you!
  • Items of Special Value – Heirlooms, breakable pieces, and items with sentimental value should be left off of the moving truck in order to offer better protection and security.
  • Family Photos – Photos are priceless, especially when dealing with more antique photos. Boxing up those photos that are special to you won’t take up much space, and you will be glad you transported them yourself, especially if an unforeseen accident occurs.
  • Cleaning Supplies – Anything that contains flammable chemicals should not be transported on the moving truck. If you are using a moving company, many times cleaning supplies will be listed as items they will not pack and transport.
  • Food Items – Food items can spoil or spill causing damage other items in the moving truck. It’s better to transport these items on your own, or better yet, use a charity like Move for Hunger to donate food items you do not wish to transport to your new home.  

Have greater peace of mind knowing important and valuable items are safe with you during your move, as well as ensuring your belongings will not be damaged due to spills or leaks. If you are looking for help with your upcoming move, A-One Moving & Storage would love to help! Give us a call at 410-729-1729 or get a FREE quote to get started!