Things to Plan Before the Move

So you have a moving date – great! What comes next can feel overwhelming, but there’s no need to fret. This checklist will help you take the right steps before the big move. Take a day to tackle these tasks and you’ll be well on your way to settling comfortably into your new home. Turn […]

Save $$ on Your Next Move by Decluttering

Reducing the weight of the moving truck will decrease the total cost of your move when using professional movers. There are several ways to reduce your weight, but the easiest way is to pare down items you don’t need. Like most families, items found in the backs of our closets, bottoms of drawers, and corners […]

Paper Clutter: Documents to Keep, Shred, or Recycle

Reduce the amount of papers in your personal files to save space and reduce expenses on your next move. It’s easy to hold on to papers, receipts, bills, etc for longer than needed often because we’re unsure how long we should hold on to important papers.  First, start by separating your paper into piles: Keep, […]