Why Would You Use Self-Storage?

We all have items that we want to keep but don’t necessarily have space for in our homes. The solution – put it in storage. The problem, having to carry all the heavy and bulky items to your car or borrowing a friend’s truck to schlep it to the local self-storage facility. You’ll need to allocate a full Saturday and get your bottle of pain reliever ready for an impending backache.

self-storage Annapolis

Did you know there’s another storage option that will do all the heavy lifting and loading for you for the same price as self-storage?

A-One Moving and Storage offers a unique storage solution for homeowners and businesses in Annapolis and surrounding areas. Clutter Crates is just as affordable as self-storage but eliminates the heavy lifting and transport of your belongings.

So how does it work?

All you do is simply pack your belongings in boxes and identify large items such as treadmills, furniture pieces, etc. that you’d like to store and our expert movers will arrive at your home (or office) and carry the items to your crate. Once the crate is packed, it’s taken to A-One Moving Company’s warehouse where it will be safely stored until you’re ready for it to be returned. No unsightly crates in a driveway and no heavy lifting – it’s a win-win situation!

The idea for our Clutter Crates service was born out of demand in the market from real estate agents who were working with homeowners to de-clutter and list their homes for sale. They were in search of an easy solution for busy homeowners and Clutter Crates was born.

Ready to store your belongings without all the heavy lifting? More information about moving and Clutter Crates can be found here or give us a call at 410-729-1729.