Tips for Moving College Students Out of State

It is time to start preparing your college students for the new school year! This is such an exciting time, especially if you have a freshman in your household getting ready to head to college for the first time. However, this transition of moving out-of-state can be challenging for both parents and students.

Set Your College Student Up for Success with These Out-of-State Transition Tips.

Out of State College Student Move
  • Pack with Climate in Mind – You will be living in an unfamiliar place, and the climate will most likely be different than what you are used to. Take note of what the typical weather pattern is for the location of your school over the next 3-6 months and pack accordingly, whether that requires more cold or warm weather gear. Be selective about bulkier clothing items until you have the time to adjust and figure out what you really need for everyday life.  
  • Make a List of Items You Will Need for the Semester – From school supplies to basic everyday necessities, there is a lot that you will need to survive these next few months. Creating a checklist can help keep parents and students on track with what needs to get done before the big move. Don’t forget to add fun items to your list such as outings with friends and family!
  • Have a Plan of What to Buy at Home vs. at School – Some items will be easier to pick up when you get to your new home away from home for the semester. Think about purchasing bigger items for your dorm room or apartment once you arrive instead of traveling with those bulky items. Also, consider purchasing easy to find toiletry items once you arrive instead of bringing everything from home. Of course, certain sentimental items can only be found at home, like photos of friends and family, memorabilia, and items of particular importance to you, and those are worth the space in your luggage.
  • Ensure You Have the Proper Documentation – Besides the documentation the school requires of you to enroll, taking note of important personal documents that will be of value while you are away from home is a key step in the moving process. Health insurance cards, personal identification documents, and other documents required by the school are essential and need to be kept in a safe place while you are at school.    

This is such a bittersweet time as you prepare your child for this exciting, new experience. Help make this transition the smoothest possible by being there to help your college student with whatever they need. Whether that is packing, talking through fears of the unknown, or just giving them space as they process this next step. We wish you both all the best this school year and hope the transition process goes as smoothly as possible!