Simple Home Safety Tips

Homeowners would agree that keeping those in their households safe is of the utmost importance, but unfortunately, there are some who don’t take the time to seriously think about home safety measures until it is too late. Additional home safety measures come in a variety of options from something as simple as adding timers to lights in your home to more complex such as installing a home security system.

Gain Peace of Mind by Following These Simple Home Safety Tips to Increase the Safety of Everyone in Your Household.

Simple Home Safety Tips
  • Replace Door Locks – If you have recently moved into a new home and you haven’t changed the locks on the doors from the previous owner, replacing the locks on any exterior door would be a great place to start. All it takes is a call to a locksmith to give you additional peace of mind.  
  • Install Motion Sensor Lights Outside – Adding motion sensor floodlights outside of your home help to ward off unwanted visitors. The bright light not only discourages unwanted visitors from approaching your home, but also it is a good attention grabber for you or any other neighbors who happen to be around when they turn on.
  • Add Timers to Lamps Inside – Having a timer set for a certain lamps or lights inside your home can give the appearance of you being home all the time. Setting the timers for different times of day and night helps to give the appearance that these lights are turning on by people inside the home.
  • Be Mindful of Posting Online – Take extra care to make sure you aren’t posting your plans for vacation or whenever else you won’t be home online. This is a very simple way to help keep your home safe while you are away.
  • Invest in a Home Security System – For those homeowners who want the ultimate sense of safety and security, a home security system is a great option. There are many different home security systems on the market right now, so you are sure to find the right fit for your home. 

Have you taken the time to evaluate the safety measures in place for your home? If the answer is no, all of us at A-One Moving and Storage would urge you to take a moment to make sure you have sufficient safety measures in place. Whether you’ve just moved, are planning to move, or are settled in your home some of these simple steps will help keep your home and family safe.