Seasonal Storage Solutions

As fall quickly changes to winter, the time has officially come to put away those warm weather items in preparation for the cold temperatures. Stowing away seasonal items helps to keep your house more organized because it forces you to go through everything and evaluate whether particular items should be kept, donated, or thrown away.

Here is a list of storage solutions for everyday items to get you started!

Clothing – Gather all the warm-weather clothing items for each member of the family and decide whether each item should be kept, donated, or thrown away. Wash the items that you want to keep for another year and store in an airtight bin that you can place in an out of the way location like the top of a closet or attic. Place those items you wish to donate into a garbage bag or box and put those items in your car to help remind you to drop them off at a donation center as soon as possible.

seasonal storage

Linens – Clearing out seasonal items doesn’t just apply to clothes; switch out your lighter sheet sets for flannel sheets to keep your family warmer during the winter months. Place those sets that are not currently in use into a labeled basket or bin for easy access when the season changes again.

Outdoor items – Store outdoor summer items in the garage or a shed to protect them from the harsh winter elements. Putting up a simple shelving unit in your garage can help keep items like sports equipment out of the way. This is also the time to make sure that snow removal items like shovels and ice scrapers are in an easy to access location.

Holiday Décor – If you enjoy decorating for the holidays, place your decorations into specified bins. This gives you easy access to these pieces when you need them while freeing up space in your home to display special items year round.

Taking the time to organize and stow away seasonal items can help clear out unnecessary clutter that is taking up valuable space in your house. Need help storing seasonal items? Check out storage solutions. Give us a call at 410-729-1729 and we’ll help you figure out which service is best for your situation.