Prepare Your Home for Winter

The leaves changing colors, cooler temperatures, and plethora of pumpkin advertisements can only mean one thing: fall is here. It is easy to enjoy this time of year and all the activities that come along with it. One activity you may not think to add to your list is preparing your home for the upcoming winter. 

4 Important Areas to Assess Before Winter Arrives

Prepare Home for Winter
  • Gutters – Gutters collect all those beautifully colored leaves the fall brings. Be sure to clean out your gutters once all the leaves have fallen for the season to avoid creating more serious (and expensive!) problems later on. 
  • Heating System – Scheduling a technician to come and inspect your home’s heating system when the temperatures start to drop can help prevent issues arising during the coldest days of the winter. As an added bonus, technicians usually have more availability in their schedules during this transition season making it easier and quicker to schedule an appointment.
  • Outdoors – Pools, sprinkler systems, and outdoor faucets are just a few items outside of your house that require special attention. In some instances, like a pool shut down and sprinkler winterization, it may be more beneficial to call in a professional to ensure the process is done correctly. Outdoor faucets on the other hand simply require draining to prevent split water lines and leaks.
  • Fireplace – Whether your home is equipped with a gas or wood-burning fireplace, it is important to ensure that it is in good working order before you begin building fires for the season. Consider scheduling a professional inspection during the fall months in preparation of winter fires. Along those same lines, use these months to stock up firewood for your wood-burning fireplace to make sure you have plenty of kindling all winter long.

Checking on these important areas of your home can help you avoid unexpected surprises this winter. Enjoy the many activities the fall months offer, but be sure to add preparing your home for the coming winter to your list as well!