6 Things to Do With Moving Boxes After You Unpack

Moving day is finally over and so is the unpacking. But now you’re surrounded by an endless sea of empty cardboard boxes. The idea of shoving them all in the garage (or that back bedroom) and forgetting about them might sound appealing, but unfortunately, they won’t magically disappear. Luckily, we’ve put together a few ideas of what to do with all those boxes. Read on to find out more.

couple unpacking cardboard boxes

1. Recycle them. 

This is a great eco-friendly idea, especially for those boxes that are in poor condition. You can take them to a local recycling center or break them down and put them in your home recycling bin. 

2. Donate or giveaway.

Someone is always looking for boxes. Facebook, Craigslist, or the Nextdoor app are great places to list your boxes and let someone else come take them off your hands! Another great way to get them out of your house is to donate them to a local library, school, or charity. 

3. Save them for your next move.

If you have the space, you could always break them down and store them away for your next move. Just be sure to keep them in a cool dry place so they stay in good condition.

4. Have fun with kid-friendly arts and crafts.

A creative way to get some longevity out of those boxes is to repurpose them for arts and crafts. Children love playing in boxes or using them as a canvas. You can even plop a child down in the box with some colored pencils or washable markers and let their imaginations run wild! A few cut-outs can turn a boring box into an exciting car or rowboat (a perfect rainy-day project).

5. Use for DIY projects.

Use in place of a drop cloth while painting, sanding, or staining. Or save a few in different sizes to use as gift boxes next time you need to wrap a present.

6. Storage Solution

If your boxes are still in good condition after moving, you can keep them to store away items you won’t be using right away. Think: holiday decorations, out-of-season clothing, items you plan to donate, etc. We have some great de-cluttering tips here.