3 Ways to Avoid Back Pain When Moving

Injuring your back while moving is a very common problem.   Here are three ways to prevent an aching back when you’re moving:


First, when you pack up your possessions, think about the fact that the box will have to be picked up at some point to move it.  It might make sense to pack a box full of books to keep everything grouped together, but remember you’re going to have to lift that box and carry it to a vehicle once it’s sealed.  We recommend using book boxes, which are small and prevent you from over loading your box.  (Be sure to check out our helpful videos on how to pack your belongings.)

When it comes to furniture, you can make pieces like dressers and desks lighter by removing the drawers.

The best way to protect your back during the moving process is to hire professional movers who know how to lift and manage heavy, over-sized furniture.  The moving crews at A One Moving & Storage are  trained to transport furniture and boxes from inside a home to the truck and will come with tools to do the job correctly.  Your belongings will arrive at your new home undamaged – not to mention you’ll be preventing back pain or injury.

Protect your back and let A One do the heavy lifting for you! We’d be happy to provide you a Free Estimate for packing, moving or both.