Move In Essentials for a Fresh Start

Start your time in your new home on the right foot by taking the time to replace or purchase a few key items. These simple tips will help make the home you’re moving in to feel new, no matter old it is..

Enjoy a Fresh Start with These Move In Essentials!


move in essentials
  • Locks – In order to ensure maximum security for you and your family, install new locks around your new home. This simple step offers you peace of mind and a fresh start.
  • Air Filters – Breathe a breath of fresh air by replacing the old air filters before your move in date. Replacing air filters can easily be overlooked, so this way you can be sure your family isn’t breathing in stale air.
  • Dryer Hose – One of the main causes of house fires is lint buildup in the dryer vent and hose. Prevent a tragic accident by taking a few moments to clean out the dryer vent and replace the hose before your move.
  • Fire Safety Equipment – Making sure your home is equipped with the fire safety equipment needed to keep your family safe is extremely important. Check the smoke detectors and replace batteries as needed, while also making sure your home has a fire extinguisher that is ready for use.
  • Toilet Seats – Switching out the toilet seats in the bathrooms of your new home is an easy way to start fresh. It is a simple change that offers an added level of cleanliness to your home from day one.


  • Cleaning Supplies – There is no better time to replace your worn out cleaning items than a move. Take inventory of items that are no longer useful and use your move as an excuse to upgrade to more modern, or simply newer, cleaning items. 
  • Emergency Equipment – Equip your home for an emergency from the very beginning. Consider purchasing a first aid kit if you don’t have one already in order to be prepared for those inevitable accidents. Also, place flashlights in strategic locations to be ready for your first power outage. 

By taking the time to replace or purchase some of these home essentials will give you peace of mind and help your transition to your new home go as smoothly as possible.