Make Unpacking a Breeze

Whether you’re hiring a moving company like A-One Moving & Storage or you’re packing up your own items, we have a few tips that will help you make unpacking less stressful and take less time.

Family unpacking boxes together in new home.

Plan for unpacking: There are several different systems to prepare for unpacking, but the most common methods are a combination of packing by like items and packing by room. For example: If you want a wall decoration to go in the master bedroom of the new home, leave the item in the master bedroom of the old home before you start packing. If you’re unsure where it will go, put all the wall decorations together. 

Pro Tip! DIY-ing your move? Use colored tape to designate boxes intended for each room. If you have children, let them choose a color for their items. Go one step further by designating a color for boxes to unpack first.

Pack necessities first: Pack an overnight bag with phone/tablet chargers, toiletries, medications, items for work, and a day or two of clothing. Have a set of linens and pillows ready for each bed. Take this with you or keep it within easy access during your move to make a smooth transition on the first night in your new home. 

Pro Tip! Pack bathroom soaps and liquids in gallon plastic zipper bags.

Carefully pack your valuables: Depending on what you have handy, clasp delicate necklaces and place them into small zippered bags, close the bag shut, but leave the clasp hanging out. Or, use straws to keep dainty necklaces and bracelets from tangling. Check out our blog post on Things to Plan Before the Move, where you’ll find important documents you should always have on hand, especially during a move. Protect fragile items by securely wrapping them individually and making sure there is little-to-no wiggle room before you seal the box shut.

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