Friend or Foe?

Picture it now: moving day has arrived and a group of friends and family are there to help you tackle this daunting task. Sounds like a good idea, right? Well, you might want to rethink that plan.

While it’s great to have friends and family willing to assist on moving day, what happens when your cousin Dave accidentally drops the glass top of your dining room table while negotiating the steps at the front sidewalk shattering it into pieces? That would be quite an awkward conversation to have.

Hiring a mover can help you avoid this dilemma.

Professional movers have the right tools and knowledge needed to properly pack and move your belongings, ensuring they arrive in one piece. They’re trained and experienced in moving large pieces of heavy furniture, like an armoire or king bed, safely and quickly.

Beyond the heavy and skilled lifting they provide, movers have large trucks complete with wraps, moving blankets and straps to keep your belongings safe and secure during transport. Placing your large furniture in a friend’s pickup truck, even if just moving across town, can result in breakage or worse if not properly tied down.

Movers are insured for breakage and injury adding peace of mind to your move and preserving your friend’s backs!

While it may be tempting to recruit family and friends to help you on moving day, it may end up costing you in the long run. Instead, ask them to help you pack and purge before the moving truck arrives. In this role, they’ll help you save money because you’ll have less to move and you’ll be totally packed when the moving crew backs up to your house.

Leaving the heavy lifting and unloading to the experts makes good sense for your bottom line, your furniture and the health of your and your friend’s backs.

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