Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

In celebration of April as Earth Month, we are excited to highlight a few ways you can make sustainable, eco-friendly choices during your next move. Unnecessary waste can quickly pile up if conscious thought and choices aren’t being made to be environmentally friendly.  

We Have Provided a Few Simple Tips for Keeping Your Move Eco-Friendly.

eco friendly moving tips
  • Donate – Instead of mindlessly pitching items you no longer need (or don’t want to move to a new home), take the time to set aside items that can be donated to a local charity.
  • Utilize Reusable Containers – Pack as many of your home items in reusable containers you already own, such as plastic bins, baskets, storage containers, luggage, etc., to limit your purchases of moving materials.
  • Recycle – Eco-friendly choices don’t stop when you reach your new home. Help make sure the moving materials you used for your move get to the proper place by checking out the recycling/curbside pick-up guidelines for your new area. This blog post provides a lot of helpful information on which moving materials can be recycled.

We hope these tips help get you thinking about ways you can be more eco-friendly during your next move. The possibilities are endless for creative ways to be conscious of the environment as you make the transition to your new home.