Cleaning House Before You Move

While it might not feel like it at the moment, spring is right around the corner. Before we know it the birds will be chirping happily, the sun setting later and later, and perhaps most notably – it’s spring-cleaning season!

If you’re planning a move in the next few monthsCleaning House Before You Move, this is the best time to (literally) clean house. While it might sound like a daunting task in addition to your upcoming move, it’ll pay off in the end by saving you both time and money.

Check out our tips below on the best ways to get prepared:

Tackle The Pile-Up – We all have an assortment of random knick-knacks and items we hardly ever use scattered throughout our homes. Dedicate an afternoon to going through these items and honestly asking yourself ‘When was the last time I used this?’ and ‘Does it bring me joy?’. Identify the items you want to give away or donate. Less to pack, less to move and less to clutter your new home.

Touch Ups – Walls, baseboards, molding, etc. take quite a beating and are often overlooked. Be sure to touch up any marks on your walls before you move and take the time to give all the baseboards and molding a through cleaning, it’ll pay off on moving day.

Clean Out and Organize Drawers and Cabinets – To make your move easier, tackle a drawer or cabinet each day leading up to the move. For instance, cleaning out your kitchen junk drawer will probably take a half hour and could be easily done one night after dinner.

Last But Not Least… – Don’t try to tackle all the cleaning and de-cluttering in one day, you’ll exhaust yourself! It’s much less stressful to break down your pre-move and cleaning into daily tasks and save the bigger organizing projects for the weekend.

We hope you’ve found these tips to be helpful stress-savers on your upcoming move!

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