Moving In or Out – Your 4 Step Cleaning Checklist

Here is a great checklist of areas to clean in your home whether you’re getting your house ready to go on the market, moving in, moving out, or just keeping up with your seasonal routine. These tips and tricks could save you a lot of stress (and sometimes money!) in the future.

4 Step Cleaning Essentials Checklist 

woman cleaning tile wall
  1. Floors – Keep a vacuum, mop, broom, and dustpan handy when moving in or out. If you want to go the extra step to make your home even safer to breathe and live in, hire a carpet cleaning company or utilize a carpet shampooer. 
  1. Walls, Ceilings, and Light Fixtures – The simplest tool to remove dust is a damp microfiber cloth. These cloths are inexpensive and machine washable. Hard-to-reach spaces like high walls and ceilings can be cleaned using a duster with an extension pole. Don’t forget to wipe ceiling fans and light fixtures. Wall stains like fingerprint smudges can be easily removed with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. If you’re moving out of a rental, you want your full safety deposit back. Make sure you fill any small holes you made when hanging pictures and art. A small jar of spackle from your local home improvement store is inexpensive and will save you money in the long run.
  1. Kitchen – There are obvious spots that need scrubbing, but sneaky spaces that dirt and dust like to hide are behind and underneath the stove and fridge. Be careful not to damage your floors when moving these large appliances. Don’t forget the oven hood vent. Cleaning this every month will keep you and your home safer by capturing smoke effectively. Shine your stainless steel appliances to remove fingerprints, especially when putting your home on the market. 
  1. Bathroom – Another great use for microfiber cloths is wiping nearly every surface in your bathroom. Save the toilet for last and use a cloth specifically for this purpose. Be sure to clean mirrors and glass of all fingerprints and water spots. 

Even if you’re not moving in or out, cleaning your home seasonally will ward off unpleasant smells, keep pests away, and unsightly messes at bay! Keep this list handy for your next cleaning day.