Change of Address Checklist

Are you preparing for a change of address? Beyond the fundamental moving tasks like gathering packing supplies and arranging for transportation, (we can help with all that) it’s essential to ensure you notify the appropriate individuals and organizations about your move. Doing this sooner rather than later can prevent potential issues such as missed bills or service disruptions.

Uncertain about where to begin? This change of address checklist will guide you in determining who to inform when changing your address.

1. The U.S. Postal Service: Initiate the process here because notifying the post office of your address change will result in your mail being forwarded from your old address to your new one for 12 months. You can conveniently update your address online and specify a start date for the forwarding service. To change your address online, visit and provide the necessary information.

2. Tax Agencies: Inform both federal and state tax agencies about your change of address. Various methods are available for notifying the IRS, including phone, written statements, or using Form 8822. Check your specific state’s government website for instructions on updating your address with the state tax agency.

3. Social Security Administration: If you receive social security benefits, update your address through your My SSA Account or by calling the SSA.

4. Department of Motor Vehicles: If you’re moving to a new state, ensure you update your driver’s license and vehicle registration information.

5. Gas and Electric Companies: Notify your gas and electric providers as soon as you have your new address to avoid disruptions in service.

6. Phone, Cable, and Internet Providers: Determine whether you need to terminate or transfer services with your current provider. Most providers offer online options for updating your address.

7. Other Utilities: Depending on your responsibilities at your new residence, inform water, sewer, and garbage/recycling utility companies.

8. Homeowners or Renters Insurance: Inform your insurance provider about your address change and ensure your policy covers your new home.

9. Your Employer: Notify your employer of your new address to ensure important documents and information reach you.

10. Bank and Credit Card Company: Update your address with your bank and credit card company to receive account-related information and statements.

11. Loan Providers: Notify your loan providers, including student loans, of your address change.

12. Insurance Providers: Update your address with health, dental, car, and life insurance agencies.

13. Other Financial Agencies: Inform other financial agencies like credit unions, credit reporting agencies, and investment account holders of your address change.

14. Magazines and Subscription Services: Contact customer service for magazines and subscription services to update your address.

15. Online Shopping Sites: Update your address on your preferred online shopping websites to ensure deliveries reach your new home.

16. Business Associates: Notify vendors or service providers who deliver to your home office of your address change.

17. Clubs and Organizations: Inform any clubs, organizations, or charities you’re affiliated with about your new address.

18. Individual Service Providers: Update your address with healthcare providers, dentists, veterinarians, and others.

19. Friends and Family: Send a mass email to friends and family with your new address information.

Changing your address takes time, but it’s much easier to handle it before problems arise from missing mail. Keep in mind that changing your address with your bank may also require updating your billing address for services associated with that account. Remember, it’s easier to update your address everywhere than to track down lost items later.