4 Steps for Garage Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a great excuse to pay special attention to those easily neglected spaces, like your garage. Take this spring to give your garage space a good deep cleaning so you can spend more time enjoying your favorite spring and summer activities.

Get Your Garage Ready for Spring and Summer in Four Simple Steps.  

garage spring cleaning
  1. Declutter – The first step in any deep cleaning process is to get rid of broken, unused, or unnecessary items. Once you eliminate those items from your space, you can see exactly which items need storage and determine the best plan of action.  
  2. Organize Remaining Items – The next step in your spring-cleaning process is to organize the items that live in the garage. Look into organizational systems, wall units, bins, etc. and find the best solutions to keep as many items off of the floor as possible.
  3. Sweep Floors – Now that you have gotten rid of unnecessary items and figured out storage solutions, take this moment to give the floors of your garage a good cleaning. Sweep out dirt, leaves, and debris that have made their way in throughout the year. Sweeping the floors seems simple, but you won’t believe the impact it makes.
  4. Inspect and Clean Garage Door – Make sure that all the parts of your garage door are working properly and in good order. After your garage door passes your inspection, the last step is to clean the outside and inside of the door, doorframe, and windows to bring new life to your garage.

Taking the time to give your garage a good spring cleaning will allow you to enjoy your favorite activities, hobbies, and projects more easily. Now every area of your home is ready for the new season and all that it has in store. Bring on the warm weather!