12 Unusual Places to Check to Ensure Nothing Is Left Behind When Movers Are Done

Moving can be a chaotic and busy time, and it’s not uncommon to overlook items during the hustle and bustle of the process. That’s why a final walk-through of your old home after the movers have finished is essential to ensure that nothing valuable or important gets left behind. Here are a list of places most often overlooked:

1. High Shelves and Cupboards

Items stored on high shelves or in the back of cupboards are often overlooked. Use a step stool to access those out-of-sight places and check for any overlooked belongings.

2. Inside Appliances

Check inside appliances like ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers. It’s not uncommon to store kitchen items or utensils in these spaces temporarily during the moving process.

3. Closets in Spare Rooms

If you have spare rooms or guest bedrooms, the closets in these spaces can be overlooked when packing. Double-check them for any forgotten clothing, linens, or personal items.

4. Wall Outlets and Chargers

Wall outlets and chargers for electronic devices are easy to forget. Unplug and inspect each outlet to ensure no chargers or adapters are left behind.

5. Attic & Basement Storage

Items stored for occasional use are those most often left behind. Be sure to check the attic and storage rooms (including behind HVAC units or hot water heaters) for things you’ve stored.

6. Outdoor Spaces

If you have an outdoor area, such as a patio or balcony, don’t forget to check it thoroughly. Outdoor furniture cushions, gardening tools, and even potted plants can be overlooked.

7. Garage and Shed

Inspect your garage and shed carefully. Tools, sports equipment, and seasonal items like holiday decorations might be forgotten in these spaces.

8. Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

The medicine cabinet in your bathroom can hide small toiletries or medications. Make sure to empty and check it thoroughly.

9. Laundry Room Appliances

Check inside the washer and dryer as well as any laundry room cabinets for stray socks, laundry supplies, or cleaning products.

10. Under the Sink

Beneath the kitchen and bathroom sinks are often areas where cleaning supplies and extra toiletries are stored. Take a moment to look under the sink for any remaining items.

11. Wall Hooks and Hangers

Inspect wall hooks and hangers in hallways and closets. Items like keys, hats, or bags may have been hung up and forgotten.

12. Outdoor Storage Boxes

If you have outdoor storage boxes or bins, check them for items like gardening tools, pool supplies, or outdoor toys.

A thorough final walk-through is crucial to ensure that nothing is left behind when movers are done. By paying attention to these unusual places, you’ll minimize the chances of forgetting important items and start your new chapter in your new home with peace of mind. Happy moving!