Unpack These Boxes First for a Smooth Move

Young couple moving into new home

Move-in day can feel both exciting and a little overwhelming. A new (and empty) home is a blank slate waiting to be filled with your furniture and personal items and touches, but first comes the unpacking. To help expedite the process, these are the rooms you should focus on first. 

Tip: If you can’t get one whole room done, get what you need unpacked before moving on to the next room.

Essentials Box

You do have an essentials box, right? This box is the last to go on the truck and the first off. It should contain the necessities you need when you first walk through the door of your new home. Some toiletries (make sure liquids are sealed in a plastic container), basic kitchen goods for making a quick meal, phone chargers, some cleaning supplies, and any medications are generally included in this handy (and clearly labeled) box.


Getting the kitchen essentials done first can guarantee you have a place to make meals when those hunger pains kick in. Get the appliances plugged in and ready to go (coffeepot, microwave, fridge, etc.) and the cabinets stocked with food and dishes (or paper plates). But don’t spend too much time organizing. There’s time for that once all the boxes are cleared away.


There’s nothing worse than running to the bathroom only to realize the toilet paper is still boxed up (hello, essentials box.) Unpack those towels and toiletries (don’t forget the shower curtain!) so when the mood strikes, you’re ready to freshen up. After all, nothing makes a house feel more like a home quite like a stocked bathroom.


When you’re ready to crash for the night, you’ll be glad you prioritized unpacking the bedroom. Figure out furniture placement before you unbox anything. Once the bed is set up, pull out the sheets and blankets and get the bed ready for snoozing. Then set up any shelving or storage containers to make unpacking those clothes easier.