Moving Timeline – Commercial

Commercial Moves – A Timeline for Success on Moving Day

Commercial and office moves need extensive preparation to make moving day a success.  Using a commercial and office moving timeline or calendar can help your business properly plan these tasks.

Weeks 8-10 Prior to Move

  1. Meet with staff and assign duties to staff members.
  2. Contact movers with commercial move experience and get quotes.
  3. Obtain a floor plan of the new space and review with key employees.
  4. Assess needs within the new space such as outlets, phone jacks, modem jacks or server needs.
  5. Post a notice at your business location informing customers of the move.
  6. Post a notice on your website.

Weeks 6-8

  1. Contact telecommunication providers and internet services to begin the process of evaluating services and needs for the move.
  2. Notify vendors and suppliers via email and mail.
  3. Keep staff informed and delegate tasks as needed.
  4. Order new letterhead, business cards and signage.
  5. Review or establish policies regarding file and document retention.
  6. Order moving supplies such as boxes, packaging tape and packing paper.
  7. Choose a mover and schedule the move.

Weeks 4-6

  1. Begin purging files in accordance with the established policy.
  2. Ensure all files are shredded, scheduling a professional shredder if necessary.
  3. Arrange utilities for the new location and inform current providers of a cutoff date.
  4. Schedule a grand opening if the location is retail.
  5. Meet with employees and keep them up to date on the move.
  6. Inventory office equipment and computers.
  7. Establish a cleaning service at the new location.
  8. Notify clients or customers by mail and email.
  9. Verify dates and schedules for installations and any contractors hired.

Week 3 Prior to Move

  1. Finalize the floor plan.
  2. Review letterhead and business cards and begin distributing.
  3. Identify inventory that will be packed by staff vs. movers.
  4. Review upcoming tasks and schedules with staff.

Week 2 Prior to Move

  1. Assign an employee to handle the kitchen tasks, such as emptying the refrigerator and properly disposing of items that cannot be moved.
  2. Update staff and assign or delegate identified tasks for moving week.
  3. Pack files that cannot remain in file cabinets or confirm that movers will be handling.
  4. Have employees take home all personal items.
  5. Verify dates with movers and installation specialists.

Moving Week

  1. Consider giving non-essential employees the day off for moving day, they may just be in the way of movers rather than being helpful.
  2. Order lunch for employees for a round table discussion of the move.
  3. Ask IT specialists for frequent updates on the status of computer equipment and servers to be moved.
  4. Confirm phones and computers will be operational on moving day.

Moving Day

  1. Have a designated go-to person for the movers at both locations.
  2. Supply bottled water or snacks for staff and movers.
  3. Commercial movers do most of the work, staff members will be mainly tasked with facilitating.